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2018 was fast. As if every year doesn't seem to fly by 2018 was busy...Benji and I bought a house together, remodeled the kitchen, and backpacked, hiked, snowboarded all over Washington and Oregon.

I kept the dogs home a lot. 2-3 times a...

As much as I love exploring the trail and the mountain, I love discovering tiny touches of love between the cement walls of a city. 

In Eugene, a project 20-x-21 is bringing artists from around the world to create meaningful murals around town. The 20x21EUG Mural Projec...

I love this time of year. The snow is melting, flowers are in bloom, and the forest is lime green. The rain has all living things thriving. Until it is warm enough to sleep under the stars, this 2-season camper prefers a cabin during winter and spring. When I look for...

People often as me how I travel with my dogs so often. After purchasing a Subaru in 2016, I can say that traveling with them has been much easier. Here are some tips I have found to work for my pups!

Get the Wiggles Out

If I am driving long distances, I make sure that my...

Traveling to Bend in the winter has happened a little less than I would like over the years. It's too cold to sleep in the car and too expensive to rent a house that the dogs can stay at with us. I am so stoked that Loge Camps has opened a location in Bend! Great locat...

What a year! Time sure has a way of distancing us from our past by worrying us about the future. During the winter solstice, I spent some time looking through photographs and videos from 2018. I had a large list of places I wanted to visit this year. But with working a...

I grew up in southern Wisconsin. Our winters lasted 4-6 months, with temperatures plummeting below zero and wind chill hitting -40. From 16-18 I spent a lot of time indoors during the winter drinking and eating myself to a pulp. As I approached my twenties I was ready...

I always choose to visit the Oregon Coast on the off-season. I am not a huge fan of the summer crowds the coast brings. Plus, sometimes the sun shines at the coast when it's rainy in the Willamette Valley.

This weekend we got to stay at Hart's Camp, a renovated airstrea...

The Eagle Cap Wilderness is the largest wilderness area in Oregon, covering 360,000 acres. Why is it hard to find trail beta and photographs online? It's basically in Idaho in the middle of nowhere. Our trailhead was 8 hours from Portland, so give yourself at least 3 d...

Take a look at my journey from Eightmile Lake to Trout Lake in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness

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