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Tips for Traveling With Dogs

February 28, 2019

People often as me how I travel with my dogs so often. After purchasing a Subaru in 2016, I can say that traveling with them has been much easier. Here are some tips I have found to work for my pups!


Get the Wiggles Out


If I am driving long distances, I make sure that my dogs get enough exercise before we get into the car. This makes them less anxious about arriving to our destination, and puts them right to sleep. Know your dog, acknowledge that being in a confined space for hours might make them rather irritable. 






Consult with your veterinarian about what you might be able to give your dog to sooth anxiety while in the car. If you dog suffers from car sickness, your vet will have a good option to reduce the risk of throw-up in your car. Make the nook in the car comfy: pillows, blankets, dog beds, items that smell like home and feel like home will help reduce anxiety while on the road. 



Always, always, pack treats. Even for my dogs who are 9 and 6, the training never stops. Especially when they might be using the bathroom at a rest stop or side of the road, reinforce good behavior with treats. At this point our pups have learned to pee on command when they need to, which can be difficult on the road when you are trying to stop more often. 


Your Destination


Plan your activities around your dog. Luckily for me, my dogs are fine in the car (as long as it's not summer), so when we have to make stops without them, they are great in the car alone. In Oregon we have many breweries and restaurants that allow dogs outside. We gravitate towards those places. Not all trails allow dogs, which is a great rule to abide by! Surprisingly there are quite a few dog friendly motels and hotels, and of course Air BNB options that are dog friendly. 



Your Car


Most dogs love to stick their heads out the window. My dogs sure do! While it is cute and all, I am slightly paranoid about the chance of getting into an accident and what might happen to them. Having friends in the Veterinary world, I have heard numerous stories about dogs flying through the front windshield in the case of an accident. That right there was enough to change my set-up. 


I have tried numerous pet barriers in the past, all of which don't seem sturdy enough. They either fall over or break over time. I am stoked to tell you my pet barrier made by Travall is made specifically for my Subaru Outback! It fits, stays in place, and is high quality. Plus, when I have food in the front, I don't have to worry about them getting into my grocery bags while running errands. 


Having my Travall pet barrier makes me a happy dog mom! 






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